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  1. Yes, like the pictures & gallery a good idea, I found the gallery the other day, then when I wanted to find it again, I couldnt. Gladly I found it again today. I found that when the site came on my screen that the gallery isnt on the 1st options. Then i rememberd i had gone on the ‘Home’ option & then it gives you the options with the Gallery is also 1 of the options. I just thought maybe others like me who arent very adventurous on the internet or dont find the path to the Gallery might miss out on the Gallery. Is there any one that is able to tweek this link so that the option is there on the first page that comes up, please.
    Also, i am doing sun dances hoping for medium sunny weather for the dig but I have started to think, make sure I’ve got my all year weather gear ready to hand ‘coz we never know in this country what weather we are going to get from minute to minute, let alone, in one day. Problem for me is-I then look as if Im going on Holiday for about a week or possibley leaving home. So Im thinking ways round of how to be a minimalist, Ha Ha! Those who know me, might think, oh dear! that will never happen. I tend to agree with them, so I think I’ll have to have some practice runs. Other thoughts of mine are – do they allow camping on site!? Knowing red tape & insurance things these days that would be impossible. So I better go minimalist as much as possible.
    Im already getting a fear factor about just getting to where we get a lift & ‘ON TIME’ and without anything else happening on route from getting up to getting a lift… I spect I’ll get to the dig somehow! Glad I can swim, I dont think I need my water wings or my blow up dingy! I am glad that we are planning to have a loo, although I was getting to like ‘My LOO’ ‘With a view’. May be it will be a time out place to visit when things get too busy, luckily I havent needed that option as I feel free, out in the open spaces we have been to so far.
    Looking forward to next Monday & Head Planning Going on like the olympic competitors do. ‘Picture Winning’ Sorry-this was only meant to be a quick comment on the gallery. I dont mind if you want to use some of my comment for the Blog. 🙂

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you for your comment. I’ll have a look in WordPress Settings to see of I can make the options clearer. As a general rule of thumb though, the Home Page on most websites is where you’ll find links to other pages on the site – so if you get lost, remember to click on Home and it will take you back to the start. I’ll see what I can do tho 🙂
      I’ll put some of your comments on the Blog! Thank you Helen, you’re brilliant.

  2. Hi Claire, that was quick, I didnt expect a reply that quick. Ta for your help & advice on finding my way round the site. I hope we have this sort of sunny weather next week & for the whole dig time. I am finding the Blog & the other sites very interesting & its getting longer & longer now with so much good stuff on there. Also follow ups on what we have been doing. Also if Ive missed things then I can look at the info to update myself on it all. Thank you Claire. I think you are brilliant too. 🙂

    • Hello Helen,
      Just to let you know that on the right hand side of every page are lists and links etc. if you scroll down until you get to “pages” you’ll see all the blog pages including the Gallery page. Just click on “gallery” and it will take you there. Otherwise at the top of every page the blog pages are listed, such as Events and Dates and Gallery – that one might be easier to find as it’s right under the Eider Duck. Hope that helps!
      Are you looking forward to Monday? x

      • Yes,very much so but just worried as usual about getting to the place where we get our lift from-on time & now added problems with me not feeling very well this last week. So hope I’m ok for tomorrow. If I cant get to our lift on time, I will try & go in my car. Im trying to get things sorted so I can be ready to go tomorrow. Thank you for the info for finding the different parts of the blog & info especially the gallery. As I found out when I find the Eider duck I know if I go on the Home Option it comes up with all the options including the Gallery Option also there under the Eider duck. Going now to get my washing done so I’ve got things to wear for the next 2weeks which I think will be very busy & exciting & wet for tomorrow, whats new! I hope you are ok & ready for it all too. x.

      • Hi Helen,
        I find a check list helps – and definitely packing everything the night before! Have you got any space near your front door where you can put everything ready for tomorrow so no last minute panic? Do you want me to ring you in the morning or this evening at all? Is there anything I can do? Try and stay calm if you can 🙂 x

  3. Hi Claire, Again, I saw there are now 2 new maps of Bromyard & Studmarsh area have been added to the Gallery. Thank you! I expect this will be good & useful for lots of people to see including me. I have TimeTeam on my Tv as I write this – the land looks & sounds a bit like what we are digging, not so hilly as our site but in Roxburgh, Scotland, im finding the lingo is getting familiar now 🙂 x

    • I’m glad you like the new additions. Yes before no time we’ll be seasoned archaeologists!! The lingo is just a start.
      I’ve just got out Trudy’s tent for tomorrow so she won’t get wet! x

      • Thank you Claire for your reply, I’ve just spoken to Jenny & i’m going in my car tomorrow so that I can get there without ‘panic attacks’ ‘going off’ about all my worries. I think this will help me & all concerned, so every one else is not worried – if – im going to get there or not & not waiting for me, etc. I am going to start getting a list & stuff together & putting some of it in my car ready. I feel more relaxed about it all now & feel I can plan things better now, knowing I can go in my car. I look forward to seeing Trudy in her tent & the scene will make a Good, ‘cute’ photo, i am sure! Going for now, to get busy for tomorrow. Water wings & all 🙂 x

  4. Hi Claire & Trudy to, also anyone else who gets to read this. I am glad to see more photos & new ones I’d not seen of the work done to fill-in the dig holes, another part which I missed out on, 🙂 due to my health & having a teenage visitor to stay with me-right in the middle of the Dig. Excuse Me! but it was like ‘all Hell let loose’ at my house. Thats another story…. I felt sad & guilty that when I & as many people as possible, who could help, were needed, I just couldnt do it :-(. I felt I was on the outside looking in-on what I wanted to be doing. After mixed messages on the last day of the ‘fill-in’ & no answer coz’ of lack of phone signal, I didnt know if I should try & get out to the Dig or not. Too far, to go & see if anyone-out there. So, I had to just think- I cant do it all!
    So now, with thoughts of missing the Dig & thoughts of wondering if there were any updates – I thought I’d have another look at the ‘Blog’ & after not looking coz’ too busy & my head in the wrong place. ‘Filled-in’ & ‘Buried Alive’ Sounded good 😦 Anyway- today – I couldnt resist temptation. Just to see -if- any NEWS. So while My washing is going round, I’m trying to sit down & eat & keep myself together & use the new bit of energy that ive found today 🙂 to ‘fight back my demons’ & not ‘give in’ as I had been for a few days 😦 Gladly friends at Mind came to my rescue yesterday, especially Mel & I’m still here to tell the tale.
    I am now – also thinking, I shouldnt be doing this- writing on the Blog – BUT better than being in a Bog.
    I expect everyone else who did manage to go to most of the dig, unlike me, is now taking a break & resting up, before the next part of the Past in Mind Project. Hi to All & Sorry that I couldnt make it to the end of the Dig but I hope to keep myself like this & hope to see you all at the next bit of the project. 🙂 Helen

  5. Hi Claire, ive managed to see a few people so I know a bit more now & have got back up to date with the goings on, Mel is mostly keeping me informed of whats thoughht to be happening next. So im glad to see more pictures in Journal & now this weeks Hereford Times. See you & all soon. Ive Missed ‘our little band of stud mudders’ but glad of the break to get sorted before the next bit of adventuring starts again. 🙂 Helen

      • Hi Claire, Well Done & Thank you! for putting more info & photos on the blog, I know its probably quite time cosuming to do the Blog. So no pressure for replies. Ok. 🙂 & When i’ve got more time & ive got my own important things done today, I shall reward myself later, with having a better look at the photos & info about The Dig & now the other new info about the next event on the 29th at Whitbourne V.Hall. I Also found the info via Jenny’s email. So looking forward to 29th & us all gathering, or as many as possible, meeting up again. Yep! So I hope to See you & all at Whitbourne 🙂 Helen

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