Blog from the Bog will follow the progress of the innovative Past in Mind project which aims to re-discover the “lost” village of Studmarsh in Herefordshire.

This is an exciting archaeological project which will be carried out by an enthusiastic team of up to 50 volunteers and experts from all around Herefordshire. Past in Mind is one of the first projects of its kind in the UK, as it positively welcomes volunteers who use or have used mental health services.   Everyone involved with the project shares the passion of wanting to learn more about our local area and the people who once inhabited Lower Brockhampton in rural Herefordshire.  As this is an inclusive community project we do not distinguish between service users and other participants: everyone is a volunteer.

Herefordshire Mind is working alongside the National Trust, Herefordshire Council Archaeology Service and other local organisations as well as Social historian, Dr. Kate Lack. The project provides many opportunities for Community involvement – whether it be delving into Parish records, writing reports or participating in the excavation at the end of August.

Blog from the Bog is a community blog and I hope that several team volunteers (and project experts) will post entries as the project starts to take shape.  Please check out the “Events and Dates” page as all important dates relevant to the project will be listed here and updated regularly.  Contact information is detailed on the “Contacts” page should you wish to get involved with the project or to find out more.  

Blog posts will be published at regular intervals so watch this space! The exciting journey of discovery begins here…..

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  1. Well, that was a busy 2 weeks. I have learned alot, especially about surveying the land with the ‘total station’ & prism, equipment to take the measurements to hopefully get our measurement right when mapping it down on paper. It’s all new & very interesting & Very WET. It gave me alot thinking & pondering about what we will think or find out about Studmarsh & whos & which guesses & ideas will be right. It has also stirred up some thoughts about my past, some thoughts I could do without & some good. After more churning my thoughts, I generally found the past in mind project very good for me also seen others gaining positive thinking & smiles & jokes about it all, from us as a group. We all seem to have got the bug now, with an aim to find out what mysteries & secrets Studmarsh & the areas around might hold.

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